Our Story - Alessandro Albanese

Our Story

Founded on luxury hand-crafted Italian tailoring and an acute eye for detail, AA is the ultimate artisan atelier for equestrian athletes.



As the equestrian industry moves forward as a sport for athletes, AA remains dedicated to providing elegant Italian competition wear with a modern twist, by exploring an array of technical fabrics and cuts, with features such as water repellency, stretch properties, and easy care fabrics. The competition range extends into classic ready-to-wear pieces which complement the quality and elegance of the unrivalled offering of made-to-measure AA riding jackets.

AA provides an infinite choice of personality in detailing, and uncompromised hand-crafted quality. From the tailor’s studio on the outskirts of the beautiful and historic city of Turin, stunning made-to-measure custom jackets are cut by hand and uniquely crafted from superior Italian fabrics, by our experienced ateliers.

Bespoke jackets which are made to fit you, and only you.

With over 35 years experience, our specialised tailor and ateliers in
Turin are devoted to nurturing and crafting your vision.


From a small town near Turin, the tailor and his family work closely together to keep their traditions alive and to bring you the highest quality tailoring. The tailor’s mother has run her own tailoring business for two decades, as well as working alongside her son. It is not only the AA brand whom she has produced stunning pieces for but other well-known brands as well.

“Creating clothes for Valentino and Ungaro, we really had a lot of satisfaction. Then, the clothes were sewn by hand, as the tailors of the older generation used this technique.”

This level of expertise and emotion is what makes an AA jacket unique and a special piece of art. Applying techniques from years of Italian tailoring, combined with your vision, to create beautiful and timeless elegance.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hands, there is no art.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

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